S.M.K Our Lady's Convent Sitiawan started its history in 1959 when the boys and girls from the primary school enrolled to study in Form One. The pupils came from all races.

       The first building project was carried out in 1973 with the construction of modern toilets replacing the old 'bucket system' which was deemed obsolete, unhealthy and unsuitable for an institution of learning. The cost of construction which amounted to RM20,000 was met by the Ministry of Education.

       A bicycle shed was built in 1982 at a cost of RM2340. The sum was raised by the pupils of the school through a series of food sales.

       A new double storey block was built in 1989. The Ministry of Education again contributed RM40,000 while another RM60,000 was raised by the school. The new block added three new classrooms, a stage, a school library and a meeting room.

       In 1980 two workshop for Living Skills were erected at a cost of RM35,000. The sum was again raised through various fund raising projects organized by the school.
In 1997, the school organized a 'computerthon' where we collected enough money to buy computers in order to equip the students with computer knowledge in this IT age.

         In 2000, the school started the science stream for Form 4 and Form 5 students. With the generosity of ex-pupils, friends and the money raised from a 'walkathon', we were able to build 2 new laboratories.

         Today, S.M.K Our Lady's Convent Sitiawan has 14 classrooms and various basic amenities. Four hundred and eighteen pupils and twenty seven teachers and other workers study or work in the school. Our humble pledge is towards excellence in the fields of curriculum, co-curriculum, a conducive school environment and the development of pupils who strive for excellence and possess humble virtues.